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Brand Evolution

The Start Of A Dream
May 2012
In May 2012, we started a dream journey.A group of
passionate and innovative people came together with a common
vision—— to create a company focused on providing high-quality daily
care products that make every user live for your beauty.
The first product was
a big seller and really
brought in the first
$3 million for the company.
Pioneering and challenging
During this time, we worked hard to develop our first products andstarted to look for m arket opportunities. We
encountered various challenges in the face of a highly competitive industry and market,
butour team worked closely together to overcome the difficulties. We focused on quality and customer needs
and built a loyal customer base.
  • July
    Won the first foreign order of 5.5 million
    US dollars at XXX exhibition.
  • September
    It was rated as one of the top ten
    innovative technology
    enterprises in Shenzhen.
Steady growth and brand building
At this stage, our products gradually won the recognition of the market and achieved steady growth.
We continuously improve our product line, introduce new and innovative technologies,
and continuously enhance the customer experience. At the same time, we have
strengthened our relationships with suppliers and partners to support our growth and expansion.
Strategic adjustment,
the brand went overseas within 5 years
Annual sales exceeded
100,000,000 for the first time.
The company expanded and
upgraded its entire production line
Opportunities in an epidemic
The global outbreak of COVID-19 has brought unprecedented
challenges to all walks of life. Daily care companies are also facing problems
such as limited sales channels and supply chain disruptions. However,
we reacted quickly to seize the opportunities of the Internet.
In May 2020, we accelerated the construction of our online sales channels
and established a new e-commerce platform to provide consumers
with a convenient and fast shopping experience.
Towards a brighter future
Our products are not only successful in the domestic market,
but also start to enter the international market.
We continue to expand the scope of business, strengthen
the brand image, and actively participate in social
responsibility activities, establish a good corporate image.
In August 2023, the brand went to sea on the TIKTOK platform.
Dedicated To
Making Every User Beautiful
Over the past decade, we've faced numerous challenges and opportunities.
We understand that success is not the end, but rather a new beginning. Moving forward,
we're committed to helping you enhance your beauty.