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Brand History

The origin of our brand began with our founder's deep understanding of everyday life and his concern for people's daily care needs.
He felt deeply about the importance of daily care products. From then on, she was determined to create a range of practical and warming products that would meet the needs of every member of the family and make daily care easy and enjoyable.
Therefore, in 2012, we created the brand "lescolton", which is dedicated to creating a reliable daily care companion for users, living for your beauty!
Brand Concept
Focus on life and quality
We understand that in today's busy life, people require simple, practical, and efficient daily care products to improve their quality of life.
Our team devotes significant time to comprehend the diverse daily care needs of different groups, ensuring our products seamlessly integrate into real-life situations. We acknowledge that daily care encompasses not only basic functionality but also a comfortable, reassuring, and high-quality experience.
Based on R&D
Every product we launch undergoes rigorous research,development and testing to ensure optimal results in daily use scenarios.
Not only in terms of functionality, but also in terms of product sustainability, respect for the environment and health,
so that users can feel the beauty of quality life while using them.