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Hair Loss in Women

Haircare is a very important thing for all women, but female hair loss has been a problem for many years. They can see their hair falling in their rooms, bathrooms, living rooms, and other places every day, which seriously affects their self-confidence and even falls into panic. Now let us take you to understand why hair loss occurs and how to fight female hair loss in order to regain your self-confidence.

What is female hair loss?

In fact, hair loss is a normal phenomenon of metabolism in the human body. Whether it is a man or a woman, dozens of hairs are actually lost every day. This is part of the natural hair growth cycle. The hair that falls off is in the degenerative and resting stages. . But if there are more than 100 hairs per day, it is called alopecia in medical circles.

The scalp includes hundreds of thousands of hair follicles. When in the anagen or anagen phase, hair can grow and pass through the scalp, becoming visible. Up to 90% of the hair on your head is still growing at any given time. The other two cycles of hair growth are catagen and telogen. During catagen, hair follicles shrink and transition. The telogen phase allows hair to fall out, and this phase lasts about two to four months. Due to the constant dynamic balance between the hair entering the degenerative period and the newly entering the growing period, the normal number of hair can be maintained.


Types of Hair Loss in Women

Women who are experiencing hair loss experience one of three types. These types of hair loss are:

Telogenital baldness: This type of hair loss in women is primarily due to the increasing number of hair follicles entering the telogen phase, resulting in an increased amount of hair loss.

Anagen hair loss: This type of hair loss in women is mainly caused by taking drugs that damage the growing hair follicles, such as chemotherapy drugs.

Androgenetic alopecia: Also known as female pattern baldness (FPHL), female pattern baldness, or female pattern baldness, this type of hair loss is primarily related to increased androgen activity, starting with a thinning of the dividing line, and then from Increased diffuse alopecia radiating overhead.


Causes of Hair Loss in Women

In fact, there are many problems with female hair loss. I have summarized some of the reasons for hair loss:

lack of vitamins

Excessive use of controlled diets to achieve rapid weight loss

Overuse of drugs to perm and color hair

Thyroid problems or abnormalities.

Hormonal changes are too great.

high pressure.

age increases.

genetic factors.


Dealing with hair loss can be frustrating for any woman, but no one has to deal with it alone. We believe that effective methods can be used to treat your hair loss problem. At present, laser treatment is a relatively mature treatment, and laser treatment is also used in the treatment of hair loss. Although many researchers support the use of laser treatment for hair, because there is currently no discovery There are too many side effects, as far as possible, there is a brief tingling feeling when you just use it, but in fact, it is not painful, and most of the time will not exceed a few minutes. The Lescolton LS-D601 laser hair growth device uses 30 LEDs and 26 laser lights and uses LLLT to treat hair loss. It is very convenient to use. It only needs to be used for 25 minutes every other day. You can also watch TV, receive mobile phones, etc. during use.

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