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The Dangers of Wearing Wigs

Alopecia sufferers are always troubled by hair loss, and when they try something that doesn't work, they slowly give up treatment and try wearing a wig, because it works faster, and as long as they wear it, their hair will look A lot, but they don't know there's a lot of harm in wearing a wig. Let's talk about the dangers of wearing wigs.


Anyone who wears a wig knows that the wig needs to be fixed on the head, so it will feel like the head needs to be tied by the wig, which will bring a lot of pressure to the head and make people very uncomfortable but don't tie it. It will be easy to blow off if they live, which they don't want to see, because it is very embarrassing for them to be known that they are wearing wigs.


We all know that people suffering from beriberi are caused by a lot of fungus on the feet, and the reason for the fungus is the lack of fresh air and the wearing of too many airtight shoes. The same is true now, you have to wear your wig from morning to night, then your head is prone to fungi due to lack of fresh air, and your hair loss will only get worse.

sticky hair

Wearing a wig all day means that the hair is always in a closed space, so the hair will sweat easily, and the hair follicles will also secrete more oil. When you take off the wig, you will find that Your hair is all stuck together and it looks terribly bad.


Many of us know that wigs are dry. Once the wigs purchased are of poor quality, they are very easy to burn when they encounter fire, which will bring great trouble to themselves. Of course, there are also flame retardant wigs, but they are more expensive.

hair loss

This is the last hazard that hair loss patients want to see, but I have to say that wearing a wig will make hair loss worse. Both fungi and androgens will produce more, so the hair will become more fragile. Before you know it, the hair becomes thinner.

In fact, wearing a wig is a cure for the symptoms but not the root cause. The best choice for patients is to choose an effective method to treat hair loss, so as to fundamentally solve the problem of hair loss, otherwise, it will bring more and more trouble to themselves in the future. What we don't want to see. Here Lescotton gives you a suggestion, choose to use our hair growth equipment, this equipment uses low-energy lasers to provide energy to the hair follicles, so that the hair follicles enter the growth phase faster, which can not only effectively prevent hair loss, but also allow you to grow more new hair. Our hair growth devices are suitable for more than most hair loss sufferers.

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