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Know The Signs of Unhealthy Hair

When your hair is lush, shiny, and well cared for, it can be your crowning glory, but unhealthy hair can make your stress show. Because these problems will often bother you for a long time, and sometimes you will be very irritable when there is no way to solve them, but we only need to understand the problem and find a solution, in fact, we will feel very simple. Let us know the signs of unhealthy hair below.



Forks are exactly what they sound like. If you can see your hair-splitting into two separate strands at the ends, then you have this problem. Your stay in the sea is more prone to this problem, so how do you need to solve this problem? First, you need to trim the split ends, then use an essential oil conditioner to protect your hair from split ends.

Know The Signs of Unhealthy Hair


If the hair lacks the proper elasticity, it can break. Excessive use of chemicals to dye or perm your hair are all causes of hair breakage. Then we need to do hair oil care after dyeing or hair treatment to supplement some things for hair health.


thinning hair

It is natural to lose some hair every day. However, if your hair is falling out in clumps, or you can see significant areas of thinning or shedding hair, you may want to consider treatment for this problem. Your scalp is the source of thinning hair problems. Then you need to consider whether your hair lacks protein or vitamins or other reasons. Then buy some related supplements in time to supplement the substances needed for hair. If you are worried about thinning hair, then you can try to buy our Lescolton laser hair growth helmet, which mainly uses 650nm laser to stimulate hair follicles to absorb nutrients so that they can enter the growth phase faster and grow more hair.



Dry hair can feel rough, brittle, or brittle, as if it might break. Dandruff and an itchy scalp are also indicators of dry hair. If you experience any of these issues, your hair is unhealthy and needs more attention. Then you need to use essential oil conditioner to provide nourishment to your hair, and provide a layer of protection, so that it is not easy to dry,


hair loss

On a healthy scalp, approximately 90% of your 100,000 hair follicles are actively producing hair at any one time. The remaining 10% are resting. After about two to three months at this stage, these stationary hairs will fall out. It's not uncommon to lose 100 or more hairs a day. However, if your hair falls out in clumps and leaves bald patches, your hair is not healthy.

Then you need to use drugs to treat hair loss, but many times you can't buy drugs that can effectively treat hair loss, and low-intensity lasers can treat our hair loss. At present, the most favorable laser hair growth equipment on the market is Lescott's hair growth helmet, which can be purchased for only 399 at present, and there are promotions from time to time. If there is a need for this aspect of hair loss, you can pay attention to it.


frequent entanglement

Detangles occur when the cuticles on the hair stand up and become entangled with each other. Then using too many styling tools can create this problem, and if we try to use less of these tools then you shouldn't be so comfortable with tangled hair.



Each of your hairs is covered in tiny overlapping scales called cuticles. They should lie flat against each other, giving each thread a smooth, uniform look. When the cuticle is uneven, the hair becomes brittle and Frizzinessy. If you have a lot of Frizziness or flyaways, you may suffer from hair damage. You need to buy some shampoos that remove these Frizziness and use more conditioner to protect your hair.


When we encounter these problems, we need to calm down. In fact, there are many ways to solve these problems. You just need to calm down and find ways. If you want to know more about ways to protect your hair, you can pay attention to Lescotton.

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