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Blackhead Remove Facial Skin Care Tools Acne Vacuum Suction Pore Clean Machine


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Vacuum Suction and Elastic

Smooth and tender the skin: The micro-crystal head can remove the cutin of the skin tenderly to make the skin fine, tender, and smooth. 

Firming and shape V face: The vacuum suction and elastic can lift and firm the skin to improve the double chin to shape V face. 

Suck blackhead: Suck out the blackhead, oil, and dirt on the skin powerfully to clean the skin. 

Fadeaway fine lines: Carry out lifting and massage for the skin to increase vitality and fade away fine lines.

Beautifying skin with photon

Beautifying skin with blue light: Helpful to firm the skin, prohibit sebum secretion, shrink pores, and other skin beautifying effects.

Beautifying skin with red light: Helpful to tender the skin, restore the skin elasticity, and other skin beautifying effects.

Vibration Care

Promote blood circulation of the skin, relax tendons and activate collaterals, relieve skin sore and reduce skin fatigue and relax the skin taut feeling and other skin beautifying effects.

Thermal Care

Warm: Make people feel warm and comfortable and help to relax muscle; balance and relieve pain, sore and stimulate and quicken blood circulation. Make the pore to open. It can make the skin pore open deeply to absorb nutritious skincare product and moisture so that the skin can absorb doubly and becomes more elastic and moisturized.

Cold Care

Icy feeling: Helpful to firm the skin, maintain elasticity to prevent the occurrence of allergy, and shrink pores. This is conducive to closing the pore deeply to prevent water loss of nutritious skincare products and the skin, reduce wrinkles to make the skin elastic, bright, and relieve the skin. Reduce the skin redness and pain to resist repeated growth of acne.

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